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12:16pm 27/07/2005
  So where did the website go?  
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12:48am 31/12/2004
mood: cold
1. What were your 5 favorite CD's this year?
--Wings Of Azrael {Suspention of Disbelief}
--Ryan Cabrera {Take It All Away} (yes i like Ryan Cabrera)
--Jimmy Eat World {Futures}
--Senses Fail {Let It Enfold You}
--Atreyu {The Curse}
2. What was the most memorable show/concert/event you attended this year?
-Warped XFest Wings of Azraels cd release or Punchlines cd release
3. What band would you like to see more of in 2005?
-Senses Fail
4. What bands did you discover this year, and liked?
-Bedlight for Blueeyes in like July or August
5. What was the last show you went to?
-Play'r Productions 1st Battle of the Bands
6. (Insert any question you can come up with here)
-I can't think of one.
06:59pm 30/12/2004
  Yes, replying to my own post... here's mine...

1.  What were your 5 favorite CD's this year?
In no particular order:
                   1.  Jimmy Eat World - Futures
                   2.  Senses Fail - Let It Enfold You
                   3.  Letter Kills - The Bridge
                   4.  Wings of Azrael - Suspension of Disbelief
                   5.  Taking  Back Sunday - Where You Want to Be
2.  What was the most memorable show/concert/event you attended this year?
Well, I went to quite a few shows this year, but my favorite was Warped Tour because of all the different bands.  My 2nd favorite would probably have to be the Punchline CD release show @ Laga.  (R.I.P. Laga)
3.  What band(s)  would you like to see more of in 2005?
             I'd like to see Brand New and Jimmy Eat World on tour again, and of course <3 Wings of Azrael.... and whoever else happens to come to Pittsburgh
4.  What bands did you discover this year, and liked?
   Billy Talent, From First to Last, Hawthorne Heights, Head Automatica, Letter Kills, Saosin, Underoath, and some others.
5.  What was the last show you went to?
Last night.... went to see The Clarks down @ The Rock Club in Station Square
6.  What band(s) would you like to be forgotten and never mentioned again after 2004?
Good Charlotte... no effense to any fans, just don't like them!

06:52pm 30/12/2004
mood: happy
Hey kids!  Sorry it's been a long time since there's been any excitement on here, and the year is coming to an end.  Thanks to everyone who joined, a lot more of you joined than we had expected! 

Just to get a little conversation going, feel free to complete the following questions in a new post:

1.  What were your 5 favorite CD's this year?
2.  What was the most memorable show/concert/event you attended this year?
3.  What band would you like to see more of in 2005?
4.  What bands did you discover this year, and liked?
5.  What was the last show you went to?
6.  (Insert any question you can come up with here)

06:38pm 28/12/2004
Reside_Charlotte, NC
Attended Venue_Tremont Music Hall
5 Or More Of Your Favorite Bands_early november.wings of azrael.brand new.bright eyes.copeland.saves the day. the postal service. etc...
5 Words To Describe Yourself_words couldnt describe a thing.
A Picture (if possible)_so sorry, none available at the moment.
01:52am 12/12/2004
  pohosex  <join it.  
Show Announcement! 
02:19pm 10/10/2004
  Hey everyone... I just wanted to make a show announcement!

Saturday, October 23rd
6 pm / $6

Wings of Azrael,
    Nothing Special, &
      A Light at the End

@ Club Angels
    330 Brinton ave.
    Trafford PA, 15085

Tell all of your friends to come!

As of right now, this is the date and lineup... if there are any changes, I will post them here.... keep checking back before the show!

01:06pm 27/08/2004
mood: Chipper
_ Your Name - Kensey
_ Your Age - 17 (18 in 2 weeks!)
_ Where You Live - Woodbridge, Va
_ Venue You Attend Most Often - East Coast Billiards
_ 5 Or More Of Your Favorite Bands - Norma Jean, Reggie & The Full Effect, Mewithoutyou, Brand New, Pinback and Comeback Kid
_ 5 Words To Describe Yourself - Shy at forst, Passionate, Dorky, Loyal, Straight up
_ A Picture (if possible) - eh, I don't have any recent ones, but deal -

I am theee brunette

07:44pm 25/08/2004
mood: bored
_ Your Name : Marijo
_ Your Age : 19
_ Where You Live : Pittsburgh, but orginally from Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania. Yep, same place as WoA. Went to the same crappy high school as them too.
_ Venue You Attend Most Often : uh ... pfft like I know. I've been to a lot of concerts, but they're always at different places. lol
_ 5 Or More Of Your Favorite Bands : Something Corporate, Mae, Brand New, Dashboard Confessional, Straylight Run
_ 5 Words To Describe Yourself : shy, quiet, caring, nice, short
_ A Picture (if possible) : check the icon

This sucks. They're playing this Saturday back home, but I won't be there. I'd really like to see them again. Oh well, what can you do?
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04:28pm 18/08/2004
01:06pm 17/08/2004
mood: sore
Hey everyone... I hope you all made it out to the Wings of Azrael homecoming show this past Saturday. If you didn't, you missed a great time. They played with Guilt Like Gravity, The Abattoir Murders, Clearview, Running From Romance, Alexia, & Molly Jade. All of the bands were great.

In case you did miss the show (or would like to see them again soon), Wings will be playing at the Charleroi VFW on Sunday, August 29th, along with Fear Before The March of Flames, There Were Many, Kamikabe, & The Abattoir Murders. Check it out...

Also, if you were at the show on Saturday and took any pictures, feel free to post them on here. I'm sure we'd all like to have a look!

That's all for now... share your thoughts... :-D

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04:59pm 07/08/2004
mood: exhausted
My friend Jenn is in this community, so I thought I'd give it a go!

rest is a chore when your dreams become harder than lifeCollapse )
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04:01am 31/07/2004
  __fuck_you__  <check It Out...and Join =-)!!!  
02:08am 27/07/2004
  wow i just saw em twice down here in cali....amazing, simply amazing, great people too, id like to say i love eric and how we love girls in boycut underwear...we played with em in one show too....checkout my band

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me again... 
05:14pm 21/07/2004

i caught a pick of dave from wings of azrael when they were here in baytown on sunday... i took this pic right after i saw them for the first time right after an amazing show... here it is... enjoy

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[if this messes up, somebody please shoot me.] 
01:46pm 21/07/2004
mood: bouncy
I bet you love this, dont you?Collapse )

I just thought it would be nice to post a few pics of myself.
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new in here 
12:43pm 21/07/2004

Your Name: Christian Trevino

Your Age: 19

Where You Live: Baytown, Texas

Venues You Attend Most Often: The engine room, The harbour, fitzgerald

5 Or More Of Your Favorite Bands: Wings of Azrael, By the End of Tonight, The Last Starfighter, Poison the Well, Lamb of God

5 Words To Describe Yourself: I don't know right now

A Picture:

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01:59pm 20/07/2004
mood: curious
Okay so I have a question. Can I get the new cd in stores anywhere? I couldn't find it at best buy. And why isn't their website loading.
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New Community 
06:55pm 11/07/2004
  Hey check out my new community, join if you want... it should kickass as soon as we get people....

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10:30am 11/07/2004









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